First Week of October Weekly Horoscopes

The First Week of October Horoscopes Sept. 28 - October 4th

The last week of September promises us good weather, emotions and many surprises. What have the stars prepared for us this week



Aries, the week will start a little hesitantly and uncertainly, but by Wednesday most of you will be optimizing, gaining strength and becoming productive enough for their plans to be successfully realized. It is advisable to be careful when communicating with others and not to say immediately the things that come to mind, because there is a risk of ruining your relationship with someone around you because of too frank or hasty.


Taurus, will be in love and quite dreamy during the week. In all likelihood, you will have a heartbreak and excitement towards a person who has long been under your skin. By the end of the week, you will have the chance to get closer to him and deepen your relationship. At work, you will most likely meet people who will benefit you and open new doors for you. It is very likely that you will progress slowly but steadily in the direction you have chosen.


Gemini, at the beginning of the week will be able to shine in the service and make an impression on bosses and superiors. You will progress slowly but surely towards an important goal for you and you will accumulate dividends. After the middle of the week you will have the opportunity to spend time with friends and like-minded people and have fun with them. It is possible to participate in social events and meet interesting people who will be useful to you in some way and expand your worldview.


Cancer, at the beginning of the week, may need to learn new and interesting things. Philosophical or legal issues or trips abroad are also not excluded. After Wednesday, in all probability, you will have novelties and innovations in the office and with your colleagues. Don't be arrogant, but try to find common ground with the people who stand in your way, because one of them can be a key figure in your life later and help you in a difficult time for you.


If you were born under the sign of Leo, your week is expected to be quite unusual and full of sudden twists and surprises. You may need to do things that you generally avoid and acquire knowledge that you thought you would not need. The important thing is that if you manage to stay calm, you will have good development and progress on important issues. Engagements with relatives or friends, in one form or another you may have to help, are not excluded.


Virgo, will have quarrels and arguments with your spouses, most likely in connection with the distribution of the family budget. Try to be tolerant enough and see the opposite point of view. In this way you will be as objective as possible and you will reach a consensus better. After Wednesday, you may have commitments on loans, general finances, investments or inheritances. Some of you will have tests, teeth or other medical interventions, others will be interested in legal or philosophical issues.


Libra, will have unexpected calls, messages or deliveries during the week. Short trips or excursions are also likely. At work, try to be as focused as possible, so as not to miss important details and not to be deceived in a contract or transaction. In terms of love, quarrels with the beloved are possible, but they will pass quickly.


Scorpios, are expected to be really successful in public at the beginning of the week and to impress people who are important to you. Some of you will demonstrate new benefits or advertise a link to others. By the end of the week, much of your attention will be on your financial affairs. You will take stock and try to be frugal and pragmatic.


Sagittarius, can be expected to have conflicts in the family, to which it will be important not to pay attention so as not to deepen them. It is possible that an adult relative may need your help and you may have to respond. By the end of the week you will be on a love wave and in all probability you will be able to enjoy time with your partner or children.


If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, then this week will be really good to start new projects, new activities or a new relationship. In any case, you are expected to be non-standard and creative. People will like you and support you in your endeavors. After Wednesday, you are expected to have family commitments or work around the house. Be careful with older members of your family, as they may need your support.


Aquarius, will be very caring and at the service of others during the week. You will pay great attention even to people you know recently, which is possible to provoke jealousy in your loved ones, who will feel neglected or threatened. Be financially careful, because there is a risk of reckless spending and loss of money. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to keep your balance and not throw yourself away.


Pisces, the week is expected to be successful and full of opportunities for both personal and professional development. It is very likely that a recent flirtation will deepen and grow into something serious, with potential for development. It is possible to decide to pay attention to your health and body by starting a new sport, changing or improving your vision or changing your diet.


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