Oct. 5 - Oct. 11 Weekly Love Horoscopes

During the first week of October, many surprises and interesting experiences await us. And what have the stars prepared for us this week?
Aries, will be philosophical and highly spiritual during the week. You will be very compassionate to others and willing to help them in their difficulties. Be careful not to abuse your kindness and do not throw yourself into the help you offer.


Taurus, may receive praise from people who are important to your growth and development. You will be communicative and you will know how to like yourself in order to be successful. In terms of love, it is possible that things around you will move a lot and you will receive interesting proposals, which will be extremely difficult for you to resist. It is important for your employees to be careful not to anger your partner with their playful behavior.


Gemini, will be really emotional at the beginning of the week. Your mood will often change and it is possible to cause unnecessary conflicts with others. Try to relax and unwind effectively, preferably with creative activities, swimming, yoga or dancing. After Thursday you will be very breakthrough and purposeful and in all probability you will participate in various social events. You will meet people who will excite and impress you, as well as those who will benefit you later.


Cancer, are expected to be able to get things done that are important to you and to be really productive at the beginning of the week. You will be combative and successful and you will know how to please those around you. After Thursday, most of you will indulge in love. If you are in a serious partnership, you are expected to reach compromises and understanding with your loved one and smooth out things that have long bothered both parties, while single people will make progress with someone they like.


Leos, at the beginning of the week it is possible to pay attention to your homes by redecorating or buying a new item or appliance or to your families by taking care of an adult relative, partner or children. After Thursday, big changes in your professional plan are waiting for you. It is possible to receive important proposals, thanks to which new doors for development could open for you.


Virgo, at the beginning of the week there are possible quarrels with colleagues or with people with whom you will have to work on common tasks or projects. It is good to try to be diplomatic. After Thursday, it is possible to deal with foreign finances, inheritances or loans. Some of you will have your teeth brushed or undergo medical procedures or examinations.


Scorpios, at the beginning of the week will find their way to shine among those around them with their knowledge, talents and skills. After Thursday, it is very likely that you will decide to post a relationship or demonstrate your affection or interest in someone close to you. It is possible to introduce a new diet or sport in your diet.


Sagittarius, at the beginning of the week it is important to pay attention to whom, what you say, so as not to be misunderstood and not to get into unnecessary conflicts. After Thursday, family engagements or spending intensive time with relatives are not excluded. In any case, you will be very intuitive and you will be able in one way or another to contribute to the comfort and well-being of others.


Capricorns, the beginning of the week is not excluded to offer certain difficulties and obstacles, which you will overcome with perseverance and diplomacy. If you are diligent and consistent enough, you will eventually be satisfied with the result. After Thursday you will be on a love wave and will flirt actively. Be careful not to start a relationship with a person with whom you have professional commitments, because there is a risk that they will not be very lasting and will spoil your work atmosphere later.


Aquarius, will have many interesting meetings, calls or messages during the week. You may have a breakthrough for something that has been exciting you for some time. At the beginning of the week you may not feel particularly stable financially, but after Thursday it is possible to earn extra money.


Pisces, the week will bring new knowledge. You will be able to feel complete and satisfied with yourself. Most of you will travel, flirt or play sports, you will be adventurous and full of energy. After Thursday, it is important to be careful with your means of communication and transportation.


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