March 2021 Love & Monthly Horoscopes

The most feminine month of the year will bring us many surprises. What have the stars prepared for each zodiac sign?


Aries, your adventurous spirit will awaken during the month. It is possible to go to unknown and exotic destinations to relax there. Those of you who stay longer in the country, fulfilling your commitments, would be lucky in resolving legal issues and in construction activities. It is very important to be careful not to quarrel with a friend due to differences of opinion and to try to be tolerant of others. You will be lucky in love and your partnership will flourish. It is very likely that you will deepen your relationship and take the next step: marriage, moving together, a child, etc.

Love Horoscope: 

Try to be more open to new experiences and do not give up on your goals.

Taken: It seems as if you missed an opportunity to surprise your partner. Take matters into your own hands and start changing that.

Single: Why do you refuse another date? You never know what might happen if you date new people.


Taurus, the month will be full of intellectual challenges. It is very likely that you will encounter a conflict of interest or encounter disputes in both your personal and professional activities. For this reason, it is important to adhere to your inherent need for balance and understanding and to be tactful in resolving emerging conflicts. Ups and downs are expected in your serious partnership. It is possible to think about separation, but it is good to think very carefully about the situation from all angles before taking steps in this direction.

Love Horoscope: 

There will be small but unpleasant problems. Don't let them bother you.

Taken: If you do not solve the difficulties you have with your partner, they will become something big. You don't want your relationship to end, do you?

Single: Be careful who you go out with, because some relationships can only bring you negative emotions.


Gemini, will be real workaholics during the month and it is very likely that you will not have time for anything else. You will be successful and charismatic, even your competitors will be forced to acknowledge your superiority. Whatever you encounter, you will know who to turn to for the issue to be resolved as effectively as possible. It is very likely that you will take serious steps to grow your business or to climb your professional ladder. You will have very little time for entertainment, so it is possible that your loved ones suffer from lack of attention. For this reason, it is good to try to find time to relax.

Love Horoscope: 

The difficulties this month will not be great, but you must learn to be honest.

Taken: Your relationship is developing and you are on the wave of happiness. Do not be deceived into taking the wrong steps, because you will be caught.

Single: Relax, you will find love where you least expect it.


The month is right to change your status in society, Cancer. Some of you will get married, others will start a new prestigious job, and others will start their education. It is very likely that you will have to communicate with people from foreign countries or take long journeys. Emotional staggers are possible, which you will overcome thanks to your innate optimism.

Love Horoscope: 

It's time for big changes in your love life. Don't be afraid of them.

Taken: Don't you have to take a step forward? You have been waiting so long to propose marriage to your spouse. Happiness will not leave you.

Single: Happiness knocks on the door. Do not ignore it, but seize the opportunity.


Whatever you plan to do during the month, Leo, you will be lucky to finish it. It is possible that you come up with very good ideas for professional development, which you can start to put into practice. Large investments or the implementation of serious projects are not excluded. In terms of love, it is possible to start a relationship or significantly improve communication in your permanent partnership, if you are in one. However, it is important to beware of delusions and illusions in love and not to throw yourself headlong at the first call of the flesh.

Love Horoscope: 

Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions in March.

Taken: Be the leaders in your relationship and stand your ground. In a relationship, no one should be neglected.

Single: Enjoy the month without serious commitments. Have fun and don't think so much about whether you have a partner or not.


Virgo, it is possible to have problems in the partnership during the month. A collision of your Ego with that of your partner can be expected. You will fight for power in the relationship. This struggle would be able to keep your interest in the specific person you are with. The important thing is that harmony and understanding will still have the opportunity to sneak into the relationship. You will be lucky with working with foreign money and investing. It is very likely that you will have a change in the environment: with colleagues, neighbors, as well as to invest a lot of emotions in communicating with others.

Love Horoscope: 

The month comes with big surprises that you have to accept in some way. Fight for yours.

Taken: You haven't been happy for a while and you don't know the reason. Maybe you need romance or some variety. And why not the next step in your relationship?

Single: You will meet the one who will turn your life 180 degrees. Don't miss it and enjoy every moment.


Libra, will be on a romantic wave during the month. Those of you who are committed will clearly demonstrate your feelings for your partner, will take care of him and will pamper him. If you are free, it is possible this month not only to soar in the clouds, but also to finally take more decisive steps to court one of your chosen ones. You will not work much, but you will be able to organize and cancel important tasks at work. Your money will be a variable. At times you will have them, at others you will spend them easily, which is why you will feel their lack during one part of the month.

Love Horoscope: 

March will bring you harmony and balance in love. The problems of the past month will be just a faint memory.

Taken: You will enjoy peace and romance throughout the month. Don't let the little things scold you.

Single: You will meet the person you have been waiting for all your life. He will involve you in the greatest adventure of your life. Relax.


Scorpios, may need to take care of someone close to you during the month. It is possible to have a lot of commitments around the house or relatives. In any case, you will be extremely emotional. You will accept any sign of disagreement on the part of those around you with honor and dignity, and you will make great efforts to please others. You will be given opportunities to perform. If you manage to take advantage of them, the month will be very successful and you will be able to stand out in the field you have chosen.

Love Horoscope: 

March will also be calm in terms of love, but you should not relax. Keep fit and indulge in travel.

Taken: In the middle of the month, small problems will appear, and their solution will be romance. Travel together and create new memories to keep you warm on cold days.

Single: Pay attention to yourself. Love may appear at the end of the month, but until then give it only to yourself. You need.


Sagittarius, are expected to feel comfortable with your family during the month. It is possible to change jobs, homes or new colleagues or neighbors. You are also likely to buy a new car, laptop or phone. Disputes and quarrels with colleagues or inconveniences on the road are possible. For this reason, it is important to plan things in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. It is good to rely on your communication skills. No matter what difficulties you encounter, there will always be a good friend to get you out of the situation.

Love Horoscope: 

Don't let the past interfere with your present and future. Be yourselves.

Taken: A memory or a person from the past will reappear, and this will shake the relationship with your spouse. Think hard before you do anything.

Single: If you don't behave naturally, you won't find true love. This is also your task this month. Pursue your dreams, and why not one of them? Invite him to a meeting.


Capricorns, will be very committed to your financial situation during the month. Not only will you have many ideas on how to spend your money, but you will also find ways to earn extra money. Travels abroad or active communication with foreigners are not excluded. You may have legal issues. No wonder you decide to get new information so that you can later apply your knowledge in practice. You may feel a little pressured by a current partnership and decide to diversify.

Love Horoscope: 

Capricorn You will finally understand what calm is and you will not have to think about problems. Now it's your turn to support others.

Taken: Do something nice for your loved one. You can organize a romantic dinner for him or make him happy with good news.

Single: This is the month during which you will receive a lot of attention from different people. Don't worry about it. You will find out who is for you without trying.


Aquarius, will be very productive and successful in your jobs during the month. You will be able to stand out above other employees and colleagues. If you are single, you are very likely to fall in love, and if you are busy, you will be lucky to be appreciated by your partner. Some of you will even decide on more decisive steps and deepen the relationship. Quarrels with family members or replacement of furniture are not excluded. In any case, you will put some effort into the home where you live and some of your energy will go there.

Love Horoscope: 

Be careful in love, because you can face several challenges, especially at the end of the month.

Taken: The trust you have built will remain, but you will need more effort to keep the love. It all depends on you, because your partner has long given everything for your relationship.

Single: In March, you will pay more attention to yourself and will not seek love. If she finds you herself, don't go into a relationship lightly.


Pisces, will have a very successful month. You will receive the necessary recognition and satisfaction, both in your personal and professional life. With skills and proper distribution of responsibilities you will improve your financial income. You will be quite communicative and sociable and it is possible to start new and interesting friendships. The month is also suitable for love adventures and flirtations, as well as for deepening the relationship with your partner.

Love Horoscope: 

The representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces will rule over love for almost the whole month. Emotions will prevail and you will see surprises.

Taken: Expect big news and surprises. The disputes will not be serious, but you will still face some challenges.

Single: The ball is in your hands. You know that there is a person who is interested in you. At some point you will have to answer yes or no.

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