Weekly Horoscopes for October 19 to October 25


Your dissatisfaction with work, family and environment will make you think more about your life. You will enjoy more attention and reciprocity if you change your attitude and thinking. Don't blame others, look for the responsibility in yourself. What does it matter that someone else is to blame when you are sad and suffering. Take matters into your own hands and act, be yourself. With a more cheerful look, mood and redoubled strength you will take care of your material security, expecting your life to become calmer and better. Opportunities will not be lacking, especially where you have interests and invest your energy. The things you like and own will fill the lack of the ones you can't have. Your understanding of this speaks of spiritual maturity, and if you have one, then you are among the leaders.


Dynamic and busy work week. Most of the tasks will be due yesterday and this will put extra strain on you. You will feel the need for help more and more. Don't be afraid to look for her. Such will come, and more importantly, will encourage you. You know how to inspire others and it will not be difficult for you to direct their interests in the desired direction. The results will not be delayed. Just be careful not to abuse the patience and trust of your partners. You will soon start something new that will pleasantly surprise you with the pace at which it will develop. You may need advice or other service. It is not advisable to take risks and do things at any cost. Your love life will be in crisis and even divisions are possible. That's how it should be and don't dramatize unnecessarily.


You will be able to easily convince in the advantages of your ideas and to combine your efforts with the experience of others, achieving the realization of your projects. The change in others will encourage them to seek a better work environment and conditions for the expression of their abilities. It is good to be patient and not to anticipate events with your decisions. Do not neglect your friends, rely on their help. Sometimes your behavior distances them from you, and then you suffer from a lack of attention. With your pragmatic sense, you will seek contacts with people who can help you with issues of interest to you. In many cases, you will succeed, as long as you do not leave behind the impression of ungrateful and extremely calculating people. Peace and quiet will create a feeling of comfort, helping you to relax from the noise and bustle.


There is a rise in the development of your business and business tasks, something that is of paramount importance to you. You will find a good perspective for yourself in the development of a new project and there you will focus your efforts. Keep your intentions to yourself so that the competition does not overtake you. If you need someone's professional and other advice, turn to the right person, you will not be denied. Like most things in life that you have to fight for yourself, so in regard to your love you will have to prove yourself. The movement of money and people around you will not leave you indifferent, you will get the strength to get out of awkward situations, and in others to contribute. If you have felt bored with someone and the relationship no longer brings you the expected pleasure, be honest and do not keep it quiet. An atmosphere of disagreement and anxiety would do you more harm than good.

You will consciously erase some things from your thoughts and you will do well. You do not need additional stress, live calmly and with a positive attitude towards the future. For many of you, some of the things that have been a priority so far will be replaced by others whose time has come. Maintain good relationships with others, your behavior will depend on their sympathies and support for you. With their help you will overcome more quickly the difficulties of domestic and professional nature, as you may encounter.  Regardless of the current state of affairs around you, positive developments in life are ahead of you. Many of them are related to your professional realization, which is why you have a busy week ahead of you. Evenings at home will bring you more rest than care, probably because of the appearance of a new person in your family.

Looking ahead, you will bring your ideas to an end, achieving the best for yourself, or at least you will strive for it. The events will follow one after the other and will affect everyone differently, so it is certain that you will not be bored. If you are about to change jobs, do not worry, it will be for the better. In the search for solutions, be objective, based on the given. With your ingenuity you will be able to control the situation in time, mastering at the same time your lessons on the go. Working for your interests, no ignore strangers if you don't want their load to fall on you. This is the way to achieve the goal, the difficulties are inevitable but surmountable. By controlling your emotions, you will face temptations and, by instilling strength, you will fend off any attempt to be manipulated and used. Rise above the petty, in most cases superior to others. Take care of your spirit and health.


Time will work for you, but only if you get involved in the endeavors. The moment is important to continue with the successful move. Be a diplomat, do not create tension around yourself, but quietly and consistently reject your tasks. You will have more if you consciously seek the advice of specialists, and do not be deceived that you will be able to do it yourself. Along with the benevolent attitude around him you will also meet people who will hinder you and try to thwart your efforts. It is important to recognize them and remove them in time. Your business will grow at a variable pace, but the trend is to become more mature and successful. Know that the measured risk will be tolerated and will have a positive impact on your finances.

Business people will keep their pace of work and will be ready to welcome the innovations imposed by the market. Your direct activities and your relationships with influential people (such as yourself) will create favorable opportunities for the manifestation of your qualities and your ability to cope in any situation. Without taking too much thought, seize every opportunity for yourself. Creating new partnerships or with individual actions will realize your ideas and turn the prospects into profitable ones. Featuring increased activity, you will receive a good evaluation of your work, which will be followed by interesting proposals. You will make rapid progress in areas where others work harder and not always successfully. Your life can become easier and more enjoyable, as long as you get rid of your excessive ambition to be the best. Do not go to extremes, follow common sense. Believe in yourself, in the good you bring and in the people you love.

What is happening will make you more active in your actions and by listening to your mind, you will look for safer ways out of the situation. Look at the signs on your way and count the impulses coming from above. You will have the strength to resist someone's unfriendly suggestions, trying to distract you from the right decisions. You will unmistakably find them and distance yourself from them. Along with your difficulties and work, you will also have your good experiences. You will receive energy and advice from your loved ones, together you will solve emerging problems and you will live in understanding and love. You will receive financial support or you will support someone's endeavor. You will share your fulfilled desires with those you consider important in your life. Love will strengthen your sense of significance and push you to bold decisions. One of them is getting married if you are not married yet.


You will follow your program and work on your professional projects, as well as continue to monitor developments in the market, in Bulgaria and around the world. For many of you, they have a direct bearing on their current and future employment. Do not be stubborn where you need to show indulgence and tolerance, and you will avoid an unfavorable situation for you. In most cases, your financial affairs will be proportional to your efforts, and discrepancies between intentions and reality are not excluded. There will be no shortage of those who will with unexpected (or expected) funds improve your budget, but basically bet on yourself. Become more frugal and do not spend without measure, you will soon need more fresh money. If, for your own reasons, your actions are directed away from home, be more discreet. There is a risk of getting into trouble and discrediting not only yourself but also your loved ones. Live fully and do not lose the presence of mind, there will be something to be happy and smiling.


Your professional achievements make others comply with your requirements and pace. Your sharp tone can lead to conflicts, so be careful and do not look at problems one-sidedly. More often than not, take into account the opinion of others, listen to it and you will make your common goal more achievable. Your growing commitments will increase your responsibilities, and with them the tension around you. You should not worry unnecessarily, you have the potential to cope, otherwise you would not have the trust of relatives, colleagues and everyone who knows you. Of course at the cost of more nerves and less free time. The more assertive will achieve the desired increase in the workplace, others will have to travel abroad. The diligence and skill with which you succeed do not remain hidden from the eyes of people with power and position in society. As pets of destiny and this time you will direct the events in your favor, getting the most for yourself. The change is coming and I hope it will satisfy you. 


Putting your career in the foreground and diligently will force changes in the hierarchy. It is possible to accelerate your rise, causing the undisguised envy of colleagues, but do not punish yourself for someone else's imperfection. Your wishes are about to come true, do not lose faith. Keep your enthusiasm and don't worry about trifles. Avoid conflicts, keep a good attitude towards others and do not look for reasons to show the world his exceptional employment. You will hear the remarks that you do not spare anyone at your address at a time when you do not expect them. Humility is not superfluous to anyone, do not judge and you will increase your resilience. Healthy ailments are possible, treat them. Your emotional feelings will intensify and you will look more often for those in whose company you feel happy.