ADRIANNA LABEL was started in 2020 by Vesselina Raltcheva as an online clothing boutique in Los Angeles, CA. 

The line started out as an idea put into action by realizing women didn't need to fit a certain mold of fashion that exists in todays society and that they can achieve that with an affordable outfit by making it their own in their individual style.

We believe that if the style is attractive to the women wearing it, then the fashion should speak for itself no matter what the trend at the current time is. We want to encourage and develop individuality with our styles, personal traditions, and individuality. We support creating looks with a unique perspective, encourage individuality as personal style, and offer all that with an affordable price tag. We do not mold to everyone else. 

 Individuality is completely supported here and encouraged.

The collections will come with the seasons with handpicked items or created that we believe suit our ability to support your individuality and express your fashion through our pieces. We hope you enjoy our pieces as much as our creative, and customer service. Every story has its beginning and this is ours, we would like to share it with you.

A brand with imagination & individuality